Are your vacancies also visible in Google for Jobs? This is how!

Job boards are the most popular medium to search for a new interesting vacancy. Google will always stay an important starting point in the search for a new job. With the new integrated vacancy search option, Google wants to help the job seekers in the search of a new job. This new search option has already been launched outside and in of Europe and it won’t take long before it will be launched in The Netherlands. What are the focus points while posting a vacancy on a job board?

vacature-zoekfunctie Google

Make a standard position title

You can choose for a striking or extended position title to get more attention for your vacancy between all other hospitality vacancies. However, this is not recommendable in the near future. Google wants to bring more structure in the position titles. That means that you should not add additional information such as location, salary or other information. An example is: ‘Hotel the Blue Angel is looking for a part-time hospitality tigers in Amsterdam’.
Jobseekers are not looking for position titles such as ‘hospitality tigers’ and ‘early birds wanted’. You do increase the chance that your vacancies will be shown when people are looking for vacancies in the zoo. Google understands that some positions have another name. For example, waiter and restaurant employee. By machine learning, Google continues to understand and cluster these different position names.

Trigger people to continue reading

When a job seeker sees your vacancy, you don’t want them to click away after reading several sentences. The creativity that you can omit for the position title, should come back in the job description. It is important that you give the most relevant information about the position immediately. Don’t take the easy road by giving too not enough information.

No salary indication? 1 in 5 will quit reading

Mentioning the salary indication still has a stigma attached to it. However, it appears that as many as 1 in 5 will lay the job description to one side when this information is missing. In many other countries it is usual to mention the salary indication and since the hotel industry attracts more and more employees from abroad, the hotel industry should be leading the way.

Link to the vacancy

Linking to the vacancy on your website gives Google a signal that the page is valuable. It is signal to Google that it could be an interesting page when the vacancy or page has incoming links. Pages with several links have a big change scoring better in the search results. When a job seeker wants to work at your hotel, the website will probably be their first stop. In addition to a link on your own website, a link on social media channels is also valuable.

Finally: make use of well-known brands

Websites with a better online awareness will get a higher position in the search results than a lesser-known website. Emerce did this research for the vacancies of Rituals. The vacancies of Rituals that had been posted on well-known job boards, were shown in the vacancy search option, and the vacancies on their own website weren’t. This is one of the reasons to keep posting your vacancies on job boards for the hospitality industry, such as Hotelprofessionals.