In our blog we share our tips & tricks in recruitment and applying for a job. We as recruiters see resumes and applicants on a daily basis.

That is why we like to help you as an employer and applicant.

Are your vacancies also visible in Google for Jobs? This is how!

Job boards are the most popular medium to search for a new interesting vacancy. Google will always stay an important starting point in the search for a new job. With the new integrated vacancy search option, Google wants to help…

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Structure of a job interview

In a first job interview you try to figure out whether the applicant fits in with the organization and if the qualities and skills fit with the position itself. Just as the applicant, it is important that you are prepared as an interviewer. Have a good look at the CV and note down open questions.

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5 best pieces of advice about applying for a hotel vacancy

When you have found the right job for you, you can start writing an application letter. The application letter has two goals;┬ámotivating: explaining why you are the best candidate and accompanying: an elaboration of your resume…

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Example application letter hospitality

When writing an application letter, it is important that the letter contains a number of elements. While writing your application letter you need to have a good look at the content. Think about how the reader will read the letter, also referred to the style.

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Hotel job? Tips for finding a job in a hotel!


When you are looking for a hotel job you will go through an application process. Between start of the process and your first day can be a period of months. Especially the orientation phase can take a long time.

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CV example

In a curriculum vitae you represent yourself and your capabilities. It is good to know that your CV only consists of facts such as relevant working experience, educations, skills and qualities. The CV helps the employer to make a profile of the candidate.

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